Sailboats: The worst emergency rooms in the world

May 18, 2022 annika

There is no worse emergency room in the world than a sailboat.

A medical emergency at sea is a worst case scenario nobody wants to experience but it’s also something everyone should prepare for. Do you know what are some of the most common injuries and accidents that sailors face? Or which first aid kit you should choose for your boat? This week’s guest, John Taussig from Maritime Medical Guides answers these questions and more, in this episode where we dive into first aid and emergency preparedness at sea.

Maritime Medical Guides is a non-profit organization that provides a range of adventure based, maritime-specific medical training courses to help provide the sailing community with the knowledge base and hands-on skills to lead more prepared and safer adventures.

With years of liveaboard experience, John is the perfect person to talk about all things safety at sea, and this episode is filled with practical tips.

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