Friendly Flags and French Canals: A Journey Through Europe’s Waterways

May 10, 2023
Posted in Europe
May 10, 2023 annika

In this week’s episode of the Liveaboard Sailing podcast, I sit down with Steve Payne, a liveaboard cruiser and YouTube creator who has been sailing around Europe for the past few years. I start off by asking Steve the age-old question, “why live on a boat?” and delve into his journey from being a professional photographer and filmmaker for decades to becoming a YouTube creator in the sailing world.

We also explore the joys of the liveaboard lifestyle, and his experience sailing through the French canals. Additionally, we touch on the Friendly Flag project that Steve started, that encourages friendship and socialization on the water.

Links mentioned in this episode ⬇️

Steve’s Youtube channel Jaywalking the World