Boat shopping mistakes to avoid and advice for a happy life onboard

February 16, 2022 annika

After well over a decade of sailing, what are the highlights of the cruising life? What is Mexico like as a liveaboard destination? What are some of the common boat shopping mistakes to avoid? I had A LOT of questions for Behan and Jamie from Sailing Totem, and they had all the answers. One of their key messages is that the sailing dream is achievable, and thankfully Behan and Jamie are here to tell you how to get started.

And by the way, if you hear some cat meowing and background noise during this episode, it’s the foster kittens Behan and Jamie were looking after! Because of course this amazing couple also helps out little animals in need ❤️

To learn more about Behan and Jamie’s journey, and their coaching service designed to help sailors before and during cruising, check out the links below:

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