What you need to know about sailboat insurance

March 23, 2022
March 23, 2022 annika

This week it’s time for a deep dive into all things insurance. This episode will cover a high-level overview of the current insurance market, what exactly do insurance companies require from first time boat owners and how do we make ourselves and our boats more insurable.

My guest is John Neal from Mahina Offshore Services, and he reached out to a number of insurance companies in different countries with a list of questions we put together, so the answers are coming straight from the insurance companies. And of course, since John is a boat consultant, we do talk about buying a sailboat and what we should look out for to make sure we don’t buy a boat that turns out to be uninsurable. John also gives some advice on how to find a boat in this challenging market, and why we should consider insurance implications before we seal the deal on a boat.

Resources mentioned in this episode ⬇️ 

? Mahina Offshore Services website

? John’s FREE e-book Selecting & Purchasing an Ocean Cruising Boat

? John’s course book Offshore Cruising Companion

Bargain boats and budget cruising by Todd Duff

? Offshore sailing expeditions with Mahina Expeditions

? Mahina Offshore Services on Instagram


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