Real thoughts about cruising after one year

March 22, 2023
Posted in Mexico
March 22, 2023 annika

This week we’re doing things a little differently, the main difference being that you won’t hear me in this episode! I asked previous guests, Jack and Sonya, from Two the Horizon to send us a bit of a real-life update as they approach their one-year anniversary of being on the move. In their first year of cruising, they left California, went up to Canada and then south to Mexico on their Passport 42.

In the first episode I did with Sonya and Jack you learned that they had lived aboard in the San Francisco Bay area for many years and operated their own boat detailing business. In this episode, Sonya and Jack flow freely from one topic to another as they look back at their first year of cruising. They talk about some of the surprises they found out about Mexico, and they share some good tips on boat maintenance while on the go. There’s also an insightful look at social media as cruisers. Also heads up for anyone interested in electric sailboats, listen to the end to hear Sonya and Jack’s update.

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