The reality of liveaboard sailing: Epic adventures and sleepless nights

June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021 annika

From zero to hero

My first guests are Darren and Amanda from SV Panda (later changed to Outer Passage) and they have a fascinating story to tell. At the time of the interview, their journey has taken them from Florida and the Caribbean to the UK. One could say they took the scenic route as they crossed the Atlantic via Greenland and spent a good amount of time exploring this rarely visited sailing destination. They’ve done all this in two years – And did I mention they started (as in bought their boat) with zero sailing experience?

Not only do Amanda and Darren share the details of their adventure but we talk about what the liveaboard sailing is actually like, both the good and the bad. They also shed light to the financial aspects of sailing, like the cost of their bluewater sailboat (Amel Sharki) and its outfitting, and the on-going monthly costs of liveaboard sailing.

An ocean crossing is just like a day sail, except you just keep sailing!

Here’s what you can expect from this episode of Liveaboard Sailing Podcast:

5:10 The reasons why Amanda and Darren decided to abandon a comfortable life on land to go sailing
10:40 The reality of the sailing lifestyle
15:30 How Amanda and Darren made the switch to the liveaboard sailing life in a matter of months
21:20 Going from zero sailing experience to crossing the Atlantic via Greenland
28:10 Their long term financial approach that allows them to keep sailing
33:40 The cost of their bluewater sailboat and outfitting + monthly costs of liveaboard sailing
38:05 Two things they would do differently knowing everything they know now after two years of sailing
41:20 Buying a sailboat without much experience
44:10 Darren and Amanda’s advice to aspiring liveaboard sailors

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