Expert interview: Selecting a good bluewater sailboat

July 14, 2021
July 14, 2021 annika

What makes a good bluewater boat and how do you know one when you see it?

In this episode I bring you something a little different as I interview John Neal from Mahina Offshore Services, and we talk all about what makes a good bluewater sailboat. John has decades and nearly 400,000 nautical miles of experience so he is the perfect person to help me understand how to avoid making boat buying mistakes and how to focus on the right things when looking at sailboats. This chat was incredibly useful and educational, so if you want to learn more about sailboats and what qualities to focus on (and what to avoid!), definitely give this one a listen.

John offers boat buying and selecting consultations for anyone looking to buy a sailboat, and as part of that he has created a lot of great books and resources that are available on his website These include my absolute favourite Selecting and Purchasing an Ocean Cruising Sailboat that is available for FREE, and I also found the 5 page list of Boats to Consider for Ocean Cruising very helpful and educational. There are a lot more resources available on the website so do yourself a favour and click yourself to the website! John also runs pretty epic sounding sail training expeditions that are definitely worth checking out.

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